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Project Bird-feeders

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Blue Jay

As many of us struggle with social distancing and feeling isolated my mind keeps going to the folks who live in longterm care facilities and group homes. Many of them can’t receive visitors or are very limited.

The thought occurred to me that we might bring some pleasure to folks who reside at these facilities by facilitating some bird watching. If we match some volunteers and local business with a longterm care facility within the community we can perhaps provide a well stocked variety of bird feeders which in turn can provide endless viewing pleasure for the residents.

I know some longterm care facilities have some bird feeders up, but usually they get kind of forgotten and not cleaned and stocked as they should. I am hoping to convince local businesses to sponsor these bird feeders and the content and with the help of volunteers who can clean up and restock the bird feeders we should be able to attract some nice birds. We’d look at providing some bird guides for the residents so that they might identify the various species of birds at the feeders.

The volunteers can take care of the feeders outside and won’t have to enter the facility and the sponsoring business will get recognition for their support.

I am hopeful that perhaps some longterm care facilities will be inspired to have their residents participate in the Great Backyard Bird Count or Project Feederwatch.

I am very excited about this idea as it provides me with a small sense of contributing something positive to the lives of people.

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Red bellied Woodpecker

How you can help:

  • Volunteer: We need volunteers to maintain the bird feeders at a longterm care facility near them. This would be a commitment of cleaning and refilling the birdfeeders 2-3 times a week during the fall, winter and spring.
  • To sign up as a volunteer: Click Here

  • Sponors: We are hopeful that local businesses will sponor a local longterm care facility and cover the cost of the bird feeders and products to restock them.
  • To sign up as a business: Click Here

  • Longterm care facilities: We need you to sign up with permission from management so that we can match you with voluteers and a local business.
  • To sign up as a longterm care facility: Click Here

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