Hobbitstee Purebred Toggenburg and Alpine Goats

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107 Brooklin road, Nanticoke
Ontario, Canada
N0A 1L0


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At Hobbitstee we have a zero tolerance policy for rude or belligerent behaviour. Our staff is instructed to end conversations with people who’s behaviour is inappropriate.

As a wildlife rehabilitation facility we have to adhere to various laws (such as the Fish and Wildlife Conservation Act and the Migratory Bird Conservation Act). We also have to follow conditions on our authorization as set out by both the provincial and federal government. This means there is certain situations we can’t help with due to the laws.

It is our job to make decisions in the best interest of the wildlife in questions. Human feelings are secondary to that.

We help as many sick, injured and orphaned wild animals as our resources allow, but it is our policy to not take in more animals than we can handle to ensure the animals in our care receive the best possible care.

When you call us please be brief and answer our questions. Please understand that our time is limited and we have many animals and other phone calls waiting.